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What is Verge of LA?

Verge of LA is a "mixed media magazine" that asks writers, photographers, musicians and filmmakers to help us understand this enigma of a city. Verge of LA is a collection of stories about Los Angeles by the people who live and work here. The artists will tell their unique story, while searching for the timeless truths that live forever in all of our journeys. On Tuesdays we'll update the site with additional stories, images, audio and video. At the end of each year our "mixed media magazine" will also be presented in book form as a collection of the best stories and images.

What is a "mixed media magazine"?

Our definition of a "mixed media magazine" is a collection of stories and images that are complimented by additional audio/video along with other "social media" tools. Sometimes the extra material will be raw video directly from an interview, or it can also be an audio reading of one of the pieces. We'll even feature content that was created independently of the magazine that compliments the artist's work. A blog and audio/video podcasts of Verge of LA will be coming soon.

When can I buy "The Book"?

"The Book" will be a collection of the best stories and images from the site and will be available here and on Amazon in the Fall of 2008.

I have a story to tell, can I submit something?

Yes. Unsolicited submissions will be considered, but no promises. If we like it, we'll let you know.... Please send an email to (VergeFringe at Gmail dot com) with a link to your work. Or you can send us a sample in the body of your email. Please no attachments!

Where do I send comments, both good and bad?

VergeFringe at Gmail dot com

Will my critical comments be posted?

If they are funny and/or insightful they have a better chance, I know that much for sure.

What if I think Verge of LA is crap and I know I can do better?

Start your own "mixed media magazine." That's what I did.

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